A photo of the artist Holly Dawes


Brighton University, 2020-2022

MA Craft

Cardiff Metropolitan University, 2015-2018

BA (Hons) Artist Designer: Maker: First class

I strive to make work that speaks of fleeting moments of time, and explores the relationship between human existence and the environment. I make to express the frictions between movement and stillness, and the beauty of the naturally formed, the organic and imperfect. I make to be connected with the world of materials and the environment around me. Through this connection with material and environment comes a meditative quality.

The hand-making of every aspect of my work is important, as my own personal touch is imprinted onto the life of the materials I use, melding my own self with the objects being created, a collaboration of material and human agency. I work with many different materials exploring the alchemical properties of each, for example the growth of patinas on copper and the changing states of clay to ceramic. These materials although different can speak to one another through similarities in colour, form and texture.