Bronze Medal

This medal was made for the British Art Medal Society student competition.

Through a different perspective we can notice and become curious about things we would not normally pay attention to, and see the beauty in things we have forgotten. The moon is something so beautiful and immense that it is difficult not to be moved by it. It is a part of nature that we notice because it is ever-changing. This medal is inspired by the textures and shapes of the moon for this reason.

Looking through the circular hole in the medal you can notice things you would perhaps not otherwise notice, the curve of your lover’s shoulder, the way the light reflects off the corner of the mirror, the folds of the curtains and how fast the clouds are pushed past your eye. This medal is about seeing the beauty, but also the destruction and sadness in the world around us. We walk around un-noticing of the homelessness around our cities. We try to ignore how everything we do affects our planet.

This medal is personal to every individual. It fits comfortably into the palm and its curved shape mirrors the shape of the hand. Through the hole you will see your skin becoming a part of the medal, reminding us that we are part of nature, not separate from it.